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Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy presents its 25th anniversary

After two years of alternative activities, Les Grands Feux is transforming itself as part of the event’s 25th anniversary celebrations. An additional evening, a redesigned site, a new culinary offer, multimedia experiences, improved entertainment and much more. Many new features have been added to the program to make it a unique multi-sensory experience under the theme of fire.

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A word from the president

"It was a real honour to celebrate the quarter century of an event as iconic to the region as Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy are! It was magical to watch the children marvel and the participants arrive earlier and earlier to enjoy the site like never before and to discover our new multimedia and cooking on fire components with such enthusiasm! In short, being able to celebrate the event's rich history, while unveiling a host of new features, was a privilege for my team and I."

The business objectives of the 25th edition

Start the implementation of the new vision of the event under the universal theme of fire

Promote the Ottawa/Gatineau area and generate significant economic benefits for the region

Provide a multi-sensory experience for participants with the addition of spectacular new multimedia and culinary components

The deployment of the 25th edition in a few facts and figures

6 nights of programming, 4 of which were sold out

40,000 participants, including 3,000 corporate clients

350 volunteers who gave more than 8500 hours of volunteer work

A greatly improved and reinvented program

Pyromusical shows of international caliber

12,000 meals from local restaurateurs served

5 tourist packages

developed in collaboration with Expérience Outaouais

An enriched culinary program

4 different local offers gathering more than 10 restaurateurs from the Outaouais

1 km of multisensorial experiences

animating the site every night offering 4 hours of entertainment

Profile and participants behavior

The audience of Les Grands Feux is mainly composed of people who come to participate with their families. The public is in the average age range of the province, more female than male, clearly more educated than the average population, more active in the workplace and much more affluent than the average resident of the province.

higher level of education

*college (30%) or university (52%)

average age

of the participants

average group size

per family, group of friends or colleagues who attended Les Grands Feux together this summer

general appreciation
0 %

of the event and its various entertainments

attractiveness rate
0 %

*This means that the main reason for travel for the vast majority of tourists and excursionists was to attend the event.

intention of return
0 %

*of all participants. The industry average is 50%.

first-time participation
0 %

*compared to a percentage of 57% who have already participated in the event. This means that our clientele is renewing itself. 

Tourism spin-offs

0 %

*Participants residing within a 40 km radius of the event.

0 %

*Participants who attended the event as part of a round trip on the same day and reside outside a 40 km radius.

0 %

*Participants who attended the event as part of a round trip on the same day and reside outside a 40 km radius.

hotel nights booking

*attributable to the event’s deployment.

The team behind the organization of Les Grands Feux

project managers
seasonal employees
The communication marketing strategy

Digital campaign

Website & marketing follow-up

Google Ads

Social medias


XFEU.CA - Virtual Experience

Local influence campaign

The communication marketing strategy

Traditional campaign

Public Relations



Print media


Results and statistics of the digital campaign


  • 50% increase in subscribers

  • 118 publications during the campaign

  • 45,003 accounts reached


  • 13% increase in subscribers

  • 2,739,378 advertising impressions

  • 101,157 clicks resulting in 2,667 purchases

Google Ads

  • 1,580,000 impressions

  • 13,512 clicks on ads


  • 625,019 impressions

  • 812 clicks on the ads

Tourisme Outaouais

  • 14,941 page views of our member profile

  • 210,367 impressions of the Facebook ad with a 30.55% engagement rate

  • 38.14% open rate to a newsletter with a click-through rate of 2.51

  • Publication of a sponsored article in Narcity Montreal

Ottawa Tourism

  • 2 200 000 impressions with 17 830 clicks of the Facebook campaign

  • 1 200 000 impressions with 1866 clicks of the programmatic campaign

  • 177,357 impressions with 10,294 clicks from the Weather Network campaign

Performance statistics of Les Grands Feux website

page views
100 K
100 K
100 K
average session length
2:0 0 m
views of the Google Business listing
0 K
interactions with the Google Business listing
0 K
participants to our web contests
0 K
Ottawa, Montreal and Gatineau
Top 0

Radio campaigns

Broadcast on 94.9 Rouge FM, Énergie 104.1

promotional ads
live mentions
live mentions added per station
on-air giveaway
contest participants

Broadcast on Moove 100.3, Pure Country 94 and TSN 1200

promotional ads
on-air giveway

Television campaign

Broadcast on Radio-Canada

Audience size
advertising opportunities

Regions affected: Ottawa, Gatineau, Greater Montreal and Canada

Public relations campaign

press coverage

Types of media: internet, blogs, television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Reputation gain
0 $

With a positive score of 75%.

Our media coverage comes not only from the Outaouais, but also from Ottawa, Quebec's national media, Canada, Quebec City, other regions of Quebec and Montreal.


Virtual experience of Les Grands Feux

XFEU.CA takes you where no one has ever been before: the fireworks launch barge! Since it was not possible to have the barge on the water as usual during the pandemic, this idea came to life to let the public discover this place and see behind the scenes since it is impossible to access it usually. The public was able to discover the world of the pyrotechniciens work, learn more about their profession and discover a fantastic world, in high definition.

PYRO: the conversational robot that revolutionizes our customer service

PYRO is a technological novelty that was created in 2021 for Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy! In short, it is a virtual assistant at the service of the event’s spectators! It can answer at any time and instantly to the questions of the customers! It’s our way of taking care of our participants and ensuring outstanding customer service. It is still possible to speak with a human when they run out of answers.

conversations generated
5 K
conversations required the help of our agents
0 %
is the average duration of conversations
0: 0 min
average customer experience team satisfaction ratings
0 %
Environmental and social impact

Active measures of the organization

As a leading organization in the Outaouais, Les Grands Feux is committed to reducing its ecological footprint, innovating in the measures and initiatives it undertakes with its participants, suppliers and partners, and even including them in its ecoresponsibility initiatives.

Environmental and social impact

Local initiatives

Les Grands Feux worked with more than 10 local restaurateurs for the duration of its 25th edition for its various culinary offerings on site: foodtrucks, BBQ pop-up restaurant and corporate dinners.

At the Incandescent, the cooking-on-fire restaurant, participating restaurateurs worked with hyperlocal products including:
Local beers were also available at the Incandescent, offering the best the region has to offer in terms of brewing with :
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The 25th anniversary of Les Grands Feux

In conclusion

After two years in constraint mode where the organization took the opportunity to renew its offer to the Outaouais population and to the visitors it wishes to attract to the region, the 25th anniversary of Les Grands Feux was a great success. The organization has demonstrated that it has the clear capacity to make a big difference in its environment by generating important tourist, economic and social benefits for the region. The new vision of the event as well as the positive reception of the participants to it announces a promising future for Les Grands Feux.


The 25th anniversary in photos

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