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Zeus Trophy & Jury

Congratulations to China!

The Dancing Fireworks Group, under the direction of Louis Liu, was declared winner of the competition and took home the of Zeus trophy 2018.

GERMANY won the Best Show Award with the show The Cinematic Odyssey designed by Thomas Schenkluhn and the team at NICO Europe GmbH

Amongst the members of the public who voted for the winning team, CÉLESTE AZZOPARDI won a travel credit worth of 3 000$!

Jury Panel

Each year, a team of committed people from our community and from media partners is selected to help us evaluate the work of our international pyrotechnical teams.

As jurors, they must analyze each pyrotechnical movement, from the smallest to the largest. Thanks to rigorous training and a detailed scoring sheet, nothing is left to chance; the variety and quality of the effects, the symmetry of shapes, the synchronization to the soundtrack, as well as the technical design are all taken into account.

Annie Lachance

Animator of On est tous debout!
Because she started dreaming of working in the communications in her childhood, Annie left home at 17 to follow her passion and the study “Arts and Media Technology», after which she entered the wonderful world of radio! After working for 8 years as a radio host in the Saguenay, Annie decided to make the move to the Ottawa-Gatineau region in 2009. Listen to Annie Lachance every morning at 5:30 am on 94,9 Rouge fm Gatineau-Ottawa!