Our team

Our team

Meet the humans behind Les Grands Feux

Discover the passionate people behind the Outaouais’ flagship event. A great team determined to amaze you and make Les Grands Feux shine even brighter, year after year!

Chief Executive Officier

Julie Moffatt

Fun fact : Anyone who knows me knows how much I L-O-V-E to eat! I usually eat healthy and a little fancy… but my guilty pleasure: a white bread grilled cheese with sliced cheese, just like my dad used to make them when I was little!!

Manager | Operations & Production

Jérémy Beaulne

Fun fact: I was born on a farm! Which makes me a hands-on person who’s always looking for action.

Senior Manager | Corporate Sales & Partnerships

Fannie Carrière

Fun fact : I juggle the karaoke mic to Marjo as well as passionate discussions on spirituality and astrology. A rather surprising cosmic combination!

Coordinator | Communications & Marketing

Stéphanie Laurin

Fun fact: I LOVE organizing events! Every summer for the past 4 years, my friends and I have organized an amateur electronic music festival where we play DJ for an evening. It’s always a great exercise for my profession, and great funny moments with friends!

Designer & Coordinator | Events

Félixe Lanoix-Grenier

Fun fact : My creativity first came to life in the form of drawings on my parents’ walls, and it’s been blossoming ever since! Anything that shines attracts me. The dream: A room filled with disco balls and glitter!

Coordinator | Events

Audrey Paiement

Fun fact : I’m a true ‘jack-of-all-trades’! Whether it’s operating heavy machinery, building a patio, or redoing a house roof, I handle manual labor as well as customer service.

Coordinator | Operations & Production

Andréanne Lacasse

Fun fact : I’m really more of a stay-at-home type than a late-night person. My guilty pleasure: crocheting with a cup of tea and listening to classical music.

The mission of Les Grands Feux

Creating collective wonder and positive impact in our community, through pyrotechnic and digital arts, local gastronomy and multimedia.

With the deep conviction that collective wonder remains salutary to our society, we create events that bring us together and transform us, with an approach resolutely rooted in sustainable development.

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