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Join Our Team!

Become a member of the Casino Lac-Leamy Sound of Light’s volunteer force!
Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute to the success of the Sound of Light.
If you’d like to join, click here .

You can also contact us by phone at 819-771-3389 or by email at info@feux.qc.ca

Job Offer

We do not have any positions to fill at this time.

Join Our Team

What do you get in exchange for your time?

  • The possibility of watching the event’s incredible pyromusical shows
  • The Sound of Light volunteer t-shirt
  • A light snack to keep you going
  • An invitation to the volunteers’ Thank you party (if applicable)
  • A certificate confirming your participation in the event’s success

We are looking for new members of our volunteer crew in the following teams :

  • Admission to the site (16 yrs +, minimum experience required)
  • Back-up Team
  • Communications / Media Relations
  • Family Game Zone
  • Green Team (Recycling efforts)
  • Information
  • Logistics
  • Photography
  • Information
  • SAQ Bistro (18 yrs+)
  • Site Control (16 yrs+)
  • Traffic and Parking Control (16 yrs+)
  • VIP Area (18 yrs+)
  • Volunteer Services

For more information about our selection process, click: Voluntary Procedure

Responsibilities: You Must...

1. Be present for a minimum of 1 evening (out of 5) to receive all the benefits related to being a Sound of Light volunteer.

2. Attend your team’s training session, which is normally held about a week before the first night of the event. Your team supervisor will contact you to inform you of the date, time and location of the meeting.

3. Fill out, sign and return the “Volunteer Registration Form” to the Sound of Light online. Once your application has been processed, a member of the event’s volunteer team will contact you in order to verify your personal information (if necessary) and to give you the name and contact numbers of your team supervisor.

4. Act responsibly and respectfully, at all times during your presence at the event, towards all individuals you’ll be in contact with (i.e. clients, sponsors, organizers and other volunteers)

5. Call your team supervisor or the Sound of Light office to notify someone of any changes you might wish or need to make to your schedule (i.e. Absence, delay or other)

6. Respect the event’s dress code. You MUST wear the official t-shirt that will be given to you at all times during your presence at the event. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that you wear dress pants or shorts, either in black or navy blue, to help us standardize the look of our “uniform” in order to make us more “visible” to our spectators. Wearing jeans or very short skirts are strictly prohibited.

7. Watch the weather forecast! Since the Sound of Light’s shows are presented “rain or shine”, we invite you to keep yourselves informed on the day’s weather conditions to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. In case of rain, bring your own raincoat. We also invite you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes (high-heeled or hard-soled shoes are not recommended). Don’t forget to bring a sweater to keep you warm when night falls.

8. Should you drive to get to the event’s site, please ask to your supervisor where you can park.

9. Upon your arrival on-site, immediately meet up with your team supervisor or his/her assistant so you can receive your access bracelet and your coupon for the evening’s light snack.

10. Inform your team supervisor or a member of the event’s Customer Service team of all comments or suggestions made that could help the organizers improve the products and services offered. You can also send us an email.

11. Help all customers or others who needs information or special service.

12. Help us to keep a clean site: throw your lunch bag and your bottles in an appropriate place or bring it back with you at home for recuperation.

13. Please note that the Sound of Light cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage or loss that could potentially be done to your personal effects, including your car, during the time you’re volunteering with the event.